About how badgers live their lives across the UK
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Finding Badgers?
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Daily Diary

Here is a fun list of what a badger might be doing on each day of the week:

Of course, badgers do not really follow a Weekly routine, but this should include most of the tasks they cover during a typical week. Don't complain to us if "your" badgers, don't do what we think they might do at the weekend!

Hint: It's better if you start reading the diary on the Monday, as you will get a better sense of the story of their week.

"Apprehensively I lifted up the lid of the shoe box. Brocky was lying curled up asleep with his head tucked down onto his chest and his forepaws over and protecting his nose ... he was now lying snug and warm making the faintest little sucking noises in his sleep."
From Page 16 of Brocky the Badger by Sylvia Shepherd