Supporting local Badger Groups and Badger Rescue across the whole of the UK
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Northants Badger Group

This group is split into two main regions:
  • North Northants
  • South West Northants (including Daventry)

The contact details for each region are:

North Northants

South West Northants (including Daventry)

  • Billette Marsham
  • Phone 07547 183 036
  • The North Northants Badger Group have now taken over the badger protection responsibilities of the now defunct Brockwatch badger group.
Badger Volunteers?
The WildCRU at Oxford University often need people to help do badger surveys. You can work with some of the best badger researchers in the UK AND learn about our favourite wild mammal.
For more info, click Jobs at the WildCRU.