How to Contact Badgerland

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Ask An Expert Service
We provide an Ask An Expert service to answer your email queries about badgers in the UK and Ireland (Eire). We make no charge for this service (if you provide us with your name, town, county and email address). We provide this service in our "spare" time, so you should not expect an immediate reply. In using this service, you accept our Terms and Conditions.

Ask An Expert

Please use your email program (such as Microsoft Outlook), to send an email to Simon Flory (our Badger Specialist) at:

Please include the following details:
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Full Name
  • Your Address (excluding house number)- but including FULL POSTCODE
  • Note of any Problems you are having with badgers
  • Note of what information you are looking for
  • Any attachments (such as digital photographs, sketches or documents). These are very useful if you are wanting us to identify badger-related evidence, such as footprints, scratch marks or droppings.

We need your postcode so we can put it into Google Maps to assess how likely it is badgers might be in your locality and so that we identify the nearest badger expert who can give you advice face to face (if needed).