Supporting local Groups and Badger Rescue across the whole of the UK
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North East Essex Badger Group

Badger Encounters in the Wild book Badger Encounters in the Wild Jim Crumley [Book]
Superb book of Jim Crumley's encounters with badgers in the wild in Scotland. The quality of the writing is superb. A great  read. Click here to buy:
Encounters in the wild
24-hour Phone
  • Phone 07751 572 175
    (24-hour mobile to report injured badgers)

  • The North East Essex Badger Group covers the north-east part of the county, including Colchester, Braintree, Tendring and Maldon.

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Badgered to Death
Dom Dyer's polemic on the toxic mix of farming, lobbying and politics and how fake-science lead to badger culls in England. Click here to buy:
Paperback edition