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Second Hand Books on eBay

eBay is a great marketplace where millions of people sell things they do not need anymore. Books are one of the more popular sections on eBay - especially as there is a great need for people to sell books when they are moving to smaller houses or when they have finished college courses and they are selling off unneeded textbooks.
eBay experience!
With eBay.co.uk, you can search to see what other people are selling, and place a bid to buy an item. eBay.co.uk manages all thebids, and at the appointed time, notifies the person who has bid the highest amount that they have won the auction. The buyer then has to pay the seller (using a credit card, bank transfer, cheque or even traditional cash, as agreed). The seller then ships the book to them. All in all, we have bought and sold nearly 400 second-hand items on eBay. In the process, we've got some great bargains; and we've even sold some stuff that would otherwise have gone into the dustbin (and therefore made a bit of money for some badgers too).

Also, of course, many bookshops are also using eBay to sell their new and second-hand stocks. You can get some great bargain books - often for prices much less than you expect to pay in the high street. eBay can also be a good place to find books which have gone out-of-print. Sometimes you might find a book-seller who is selling a pile of books which have been remaindered and sometimes it will be an ordinary person selling the single book that you've been after for ages.

If you are looking for a particular book, enter details in the search box, and run the search. Then find the books you are interested in in the results page, and read their descriptions. If you are happy with the price, click the button to buy the book from the seller. When you buy the book from a seller on eBay, use your credit card so that the eBay site sorts out all the payment details; and the seller posts the book out to you.

We have used the eBay site to find loads of books - many of which could not be found anywhere else. So far as we were concerned, it meant we were able to search through the stocks of thousands of book-sellers, without the hassle of having to go up and down the country looking at every bookshop on every street. We reckon we have paid about 50% less than what we would have had to pay if we'd shopped on the high street, so there are bargains to be had!


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