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Finding Evidence of Badgers booklet

We have written a booklet entitled "Finding Evidence of Badgers". This is all about badgers and the evidence and field signs they leave for us to find. This 40-page booklet includes details of badger lifestyle, biology, food, noises, territories, setts, latrines, footprints, droppings, bones, observation and much more. It includes sketches of badgers and some excellent photographs of the sort of evidence they leave behind.

This is an ideal book if you want to know more about badgers because you are a gardener, farmer or property developer and you want to learn more about coping with badgers. It's also a great little booklet if you are involved in education - for example as a school pupil or college/university student; or indeed as a professional teacher. We are hoping it will also be of use for people who run Badger Groups if they need to train volunteers and members about badgers; as well as other badger professionals, like Badger Consultants and Police WLOs.

Click here to view a partial sample of our booklet (Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed).

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