Pictures and Photographs of Badgers in the UK
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A Badger's Year by Alistair Kilburn

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Content-Type Factual Documentary
This video forms the most complete record of a life of wild badgers. Secretive and nocturnal by nature, badgers are difficult to see and more difficult to film; and this video includes a great deal of dramatic and beautiful footage throughout the year. It provides a highly accessible aid to understanding the badger and its way of life and is compulsive viewing.
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Summary Evocative wildlife images filmed at a New Forest Badger Watch. The best badger video we've ever seen!
Narrated by Andrew Sachs
Produced & Filmed by Alistair Kilburn
Script Reviewed by Dr Ernest Neal
Running Time 46 minutes
Produced in 1997
Certificate Universal
Distributor Alistair Kilburn, PO Box 2297, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 4YH, United Kingdom
Copyright Owner Alistair Kilburn
Catalogue No None Specified
Format VHS
Front and Cover
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