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Urgent Public Appeal

Secret World is the world's most extraordinary badger and wildlife charities. Run by Pauline Kidner and helped and supported by a large number of highly committed staff and volunteers, Secret World do the difficult job of rescuing dozens of orphaned and injured badger cubs every year. These badger cubs are hand-fed in the spring and summer and assembled into new badger families for release in the autumn every year.

All Badger Trust members and badger groups

“One Release Site” appeal

This will be a tough year for the badger, with the impending cull(s) looming and the massive propaganda machine that is the NFU providing much misinformation. This year has seen high levels of badger cubs through the doors of Secret World Wildlife Rescue, not helped by the long hot dry spells of weather.

As always our doors are open to all wildlife and the 24/7, 365 days a year service we provide ensures we are available to anyone, anywhere with a badger problem. Because we are the countries largest badger rehabilitation centre, taking in badgers from most regions we are able to form social groups of cubs taking into account gender, size and where possible parish bTB status. The down side of this process is that we are faced with the increasingly difficult (and expensive) task of finding suitable release sites.

If we are unable to find release sites for badger cubs then quite simply the service we offer in accepting badger cubs will have to be reviewed.

I am appealing to all badger groups to discuss at their committee meetings the possibility of making it a goal to locate within their group area one badger cub release site. This could be used this year or kept in reserve for future years.

We urgently need sites for this years cubs and it is important that cubs are released early enough in the season before the winter sets in. As a reminder all our cubs are triple-tested to make sure they do not have the bovine TB infection.

We can assist in surveying potential sites and construct artificial setts if needed, we just need your help in finding the release sites. If you would like to discuss this appeal then please contact myself or Andy Parr (Wildlife Release Officer). Alternatively if you feel it would be of benefit then Andy Parr would be able to discuss this matter at any of your committee meetings.

Thank You

Pauline Kidner
Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Contact details are below:

Badgers are Britain's favourite wild mammal.
If you would like to see them return to the countryside near you, please contact
Secret World and make a difference.