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Bats by Phil Richardson

Paperback - 128 pages
Publisher: Whittet Books Ltd (British Natural History series)
January 2000

Beautifully illustrated book that reveals a complex lifestyle and social life and senses impossible for us to imagine!

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Truly accessible to the non-scientific reader. Phil Richardson manages to use his teaching experience to ensure the casual reader is not scared off by new scientific terms.

A vast amount of information in attractive, lucid text. The colour illustrations and layout are to a very high standard. A natural gift to anyone showing an interest in wildlife, especially mammals.

A highly informative and entertaining introduction to a much misunderstood mammal. The style of writing is ideal for anyone with no or little knowledge of bats and certainly never becomes too technical. The entertainment side comes from the inclusion of various amusing anecdotes of Phil's activities with the Northamptonshire Bat Group. On the serious side, a wide range of information is offered on bat life., ranging from the different species, echo location, roosts, bat behaviour, droppings, bat groups, legal protection and much more. Due to their highly reclusive nature of bats, there is plenty of information here that can be a real eye-opener to anyone with even a passing interest in bats.

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