How to Contact Badgerland

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Badgerland DO NOT provide an Emergency rescue service.

Finding Badgers?
See our Finding Evidence of Badgers booklet

Write To Us

We would prefer you to email us, as this makes it easier and quicker for us to reply to you.
  • www.badgerland.co.uk

  • The Old Post Office

  • 10 Badger Lane

  • Blackshawhead

  • Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

  • HX7 7JX

  • United Kingdom

  • Phone: 01422 - 846 846

If you contact us by post, please send an A4 sized stamped-addressed envelope for our reply; and allow at least 10 days for a reply.
Michael Clark
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His affection
for badgers
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Perfect Badger Photos
The very best photos you have ever seen of badgers are in this remarkable book by John Darbyshire and Laurie Campbell. Click here to buy Badgers by Darbyshire & Campbell