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Badgerland DO NOT provide an Emergency rescue service.

Contact Details

Please view our Emergency page to find out what information you need to gather about the casualty, and then contact an Emergency Badger Rescue Organisation.

Emergency Badger Rescue Organisations include:

  • RSPCA - Telephone 0870 - 55 55 999
  • Police Service - Telephone 999 (they will not rescue the badger, but may need to get involved in the case of motorways, trunk roads, blocked roads and injuries)
  • Secret World
  • Local Badger Groups
Caution - Badgers!
Get expert help before you deal with an injured badger! Ideally, find some-one who has been trained to handle a badger.
Approach every badger with extreme care - even one which is apparently comatose may move suddenly! If the badger appears unconscious, use a stout stick and carefully prod the sensitive areas near the eyes and mouth, to check that it really is unconscious. Stay out of reach of its teeth or claws and remember that badgers may inflict severe bites! Keep stout stick between you and the badgers mouth, so it can bite the stick before it can bite you. NEVER pick up a badger by the tail. If the badger struggles, it will be able to bite or scratch you anyway; and you may end up dislocating its tail too.


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