Helping Badgers and People live in harmony in the UK
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Badgerland DO NOT provide an Emergency rescue service.

Protecting Badgers

Badgers have been persecuted throughout history, and continue to be tortured illegally today. If you see or suspect badger diggers at a sett, do not risk your own safety; ring the police at once.

In addition to badger groups, other organisations are also involved in badger protection:

Fox Hunting:

We do not agree with hunting.

As a general rule, hunting should not be allowed.

In certain areas we will tolerate the movement of animals which cause a serious problem (e.g. moving badgers from motorway or railway embankments, etc). In extreme circumstances, we will even tolerate the killing of vermin animals, but only where humane methods are used.

Chasing a fox through the countryside with a pack of dogs and then tearing it to pieces is not humane. Blood lust yes, but humane? - we don't really think so. We have seen lists of convicted badger baiters, and it was shocking to see how many of these convicted criminals are also office-holders or former office-holders or members of various hunts.

Importantly, as a master of fox hounds is allowed to block up badger setts (to prevent the fox going to ground and getting away with its life); we are against fox hunting too.


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