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Animal hospital admits 300 badgers/year

28 October1996

By Elizabeth St. Philip

The Badger Trust are warning British motorists to look out for badgers crossing roads in search of mates. About 50,000 animals - one fifth of Britain's badger population - are killed by speeding cars every year. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal's West Hatch Wildlife Hospital admits up to 300 badgers suffering from internal injuries. The NFBG wants more badger tunnels to be built under busy roads to limit injuries.

The majority of the British badger deaths occur in the breeding season when the animals are in search of their significant other. During the mating season, he travels in search of females, explained Dobbyn. "They are at increased odds of being on the road and more likely to be hit by a car," he said. Also, badgers like many other mammals will follow ancient trails even if those trails cross busy roads and streets, said Barry Kent MacKay, a director of Animal Alliances of Canada. "It is not unusual for animals to follow a specific route that has been established for hundred of years," he said.

To find out more about a British project to save the badger please check out Care for the Wild's site.

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