News about Badgers in the UK
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Finding Badgers?
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External News for 2001

Date: Source: Headline:
04 Aug 2001 West Cornwall BG Badgers, Planning, and Victory for the St Ives Badgers
15 Apr 2001 Irish Badgers The Grim Fate of the Irish Badger
13 Apr 2001 Independent TB or not TB? That is the question?
19 Mar 2001 Ananova Badgers delay house building
16 Feb 2001 Ananova Posh and Becks care for badgers
10 Feb 2001 The BBC Scientist Defends Badger Cull
03 Feb 2001 Guardian South Yorkshire - A Country Diary
10 Jan 2001 Guardian Bovine tuberculosis
10 Jan 2001 I T N Farmers fear cattle TB crisis
08 Jan 2001 This is London Mass protest at slaughter of badgers
07 Jan 2001 Independent MPs favour mass slaughter of badgers

External News

We have provided links to stories from external news organisations so you can follow the media interest in badgers, and see who writes on the subject. We do not endorse external authors.

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