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Immunising possums is effective against bTB

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Guardian - Wednesday July 19, 2000

by James Meikle

Imagine a countryside filled with badger traps, that were not prisons designed to hold animals until they could be shot, but revolving doors through which wildlife could be enticed for a quick facial spray to vaccinate them against bovine TB.

It is not that fanciful. Tests in New Zealand are well under way to treat possums, blamed for spreading bovine TB in cattle, just as badgers are prime suspects for infecting herds in the UK.

Possums are regarded as pests by most Kiwis, whereas in the UK badgers are protected and even fondly regarded by many farmers, some of whom are now diversifying into badger-watching activities.

Next month, Professor Roger Morris, from Massey University, Palmerston North, in New Zealand, a leading researcher in the vaccine field, will speak at an international conference in Cambridge. He will detail his progress and further stir debate on whether the British government, enmeshed in a bruising public relations battle defending its controversial, if limited, 7m a year badger cull, is really doing enough with its other research spending - 4m last year - into investigating other ways of combating the disease.....

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