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NFBG regret resignation of NFU from TB Forum

19th October 2000

The NFBG today (19 October 2000) expressed regret at the resignation of the National Farmers Union (NFU) from the TB Forum.


Dr Elaine King Conservation Officer for the NFBG, said: “The NFBG, along with the RSPCA, the Wildlife Trusts and the Government's conservation advisors, joined the Forum in the expectation that it would provide an opportunity to find methods of controlling bovine TB in cattle, other than killing badgers.”

“On 13th July 2000 we made it clear, with the support of the RSPCA and the Wildlife Trusts, that we would not accept the hijacking of the Forum to be used as a method of levering Ministers into culling more and more badgers. It is extremely sad that the NFU, deprived of the one tool which obsesses it, has taken its ball away and now refuses to play a part in finding a constructive way forward for solving the bovine TB problem.”


“The Government is investing more than £34m into research primarily focused on badgers. It is essential that the TB Forum concentrates on a Plan B. This might include improved cattle husbandry, restrictions on cattle movements, the marking of TB test dates on the cattle passport and a better TB test for cattle.



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