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Badger scheme sees results

Tuesday, 28 January, 2003

A scheme to tackle badger baiting in Lincolnshire has been hailed a success.

Badger Watch was started by police last autumn in response to increasing attacks on the animals.

Nearly 100 people have joined and they visit setts every couple of weeks to look for signs of possible activity.

Since then, police have seen a noticeable decline in the number of reports of possible badger diggers.

Before the scheme began there were around 50 incidents a year.

Since it got off the ground there have been only four reports of disturbance, each of which turned out to be innocent.

The police say Badger Watch will also help in tackling other kinds of rural crime.

Lincolnshire Police's Rural Intelligence and Wildlife Officer, PC Nigel Lound said: "If people are keeping an eye on the badger setts, it means they can notice other things like suspicious vehicles and suspicious people in rural locations.

"They may come here for a day or an evening of badger digging but it's also what they do if they return to Lincolnshire.

"We have to retain the impetus and keep the publicity going and let people know that if they are coming to the area with the intention of digging up badgers for the purposes of cruelty then there are people keeping an eye out for them."


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