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Badgers need our help in the heat

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12th August 2003

Alex loves going on badger watches with his local club. Here he reports on why these animals are in peril as the result of the last few hot summers. "I'm a member of a badger watch group in Gloucestershire. I don't know if there's badgers in my back garden but there are definitely badgers in the woods about a mile from my house.
Worm shortage

The badgers are having a rough time at the moment 'cos it's really really hot for them - and the ground is too dry for them to find worms. The worms are badgers' favourite food and at the moment they don't bother coming up to the surface. So badgers are travelling further to find worms, sometimes crossing roads so then some get killed by cars.

Starving to death

They also get into ploughed farmers fields, but some farmers don't like this and they chase them away, put traps down and sometimes shoot the badgers. Lots of badger cubs are starving to death because their mother can't get enough food to produce milk for them.

Leave them food

You can help badgers by leaving some worms by their set. Don't get too close though, because they could get frightened if they think you're attacking them. If your mum doesn't want you digging up your garden you can always put some dog or cat food out. At my badger watch group we're also trying to help by putting out food and water and visiting sets to make sure sick badgers get help. With the threat of global warming the badger numbers might drop quite rapidly if we don't look after them properly."

Alex, 9, Gloucestershire

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