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Scary Badger holds family hostage

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30th October 2003

A family in Worcestershire were trapped inside their house for two hours after a scary, staring badger left them too frightened to leave.

Dad Michael Youngs tried to scare the badger away by banging a spade on the ground, but it didn't move.

At one point it even tried to get in, after watching their cat go through a cat flap, but quick thinking from the family stopped it from entering.

It was finally trapped by an expert, who used jam sandwiches to catch it.

When 14-year-old Rosalind got home, her dad had to go back outside and use the spade to keep her safe.

Mr Youngs told a newspaper: "The badger was very spooky.

"It was the stare that really gave me the creeps," he added.

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Badgerland Comment
Whilst this story was quite widely reported, the "Newsround" report shown above wasn't quite the full story!
In fact the badger was trapped by an expert member of the Worcestershire Badger Society and taken to a local vet to be checked over. It was found that the badger had been involved in a road traffic accident and was suffering from what turned out to be fatal head injuries. The "spooky stare" was almost certainly the result of a brain injury.