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Badgers get new 20,000 home

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9 December 2003 - Huddersfield Daily Examiner

By Henryk Zientek

HOME DEVELOPERS have started work on a scheme to convert a disused mill - after first re-housing a family of badgers. The badgers had dug a sett on land belonging to Upper Sunnybank Mills at Red Lane, Meltham.

Slaithwaite-based developer Park View Builders Ltd called in experts from Kirklees Badger Protection Group to help the badgers "move house" to a new sett on land nearby. A watch was kept on the badgers to make sure they settled into their new surroundings.

Roger Fell, of Park View, said the company had spent about 20,000 to re-home the badgers - including the cost of administration and acquiring the land for the new sett. He joked: "We have provided them with four-bedroom accommodation. They've been given everything except the central heating!"

Badger setts consists of several entrance holes and tunnels leading to underground sleeping chambers. Badger numbers have increased in recent years as greater efforts to protect them led to fewer setts being disturbed.


He said: "It has taken us three years of hard work to get to this stage - re-housing the badgers and going through the planning process."


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