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Reflective posts could save badgers

8 January 2004 - SurreyOnline

By Stephen Adams
REFLECTIVE posts could be erected in a village to stop badgers darting across the road and getting killed.

About five animals were hit on a small stretch of road in Dormansland in early December.

The posts frighten the badgers away from the road by reflecting car headlight beams.

If approved, they will be put up in the northern end of High Street, near Memorial Hill, where woodland borders the road.

Barry Venn, the clerk at Dormansland Parish Council, said: "There were five deaths on a very short stretch of road within two weeks."

Jane Vogt, chairman, said: "We haven't had any more fatalities on that road and the worry is the whole sett has been done away with."

Parish Councillor David Williams has been given the task of co-ordinating the project with Mid Sussex Badger Group and the highways authorities.

Surrey County Council's highways division has got to approve them before they can be put in, he said.

Jeff Hayden, from Mid Sussex Badger Group, which is donating the posts, addressed the parish council on the issue at a meeting on December 1.

Speaking last week, he said the number of posts depended on how many pathways the badgers used on that stretch of road.

He said: "They have established paths. It's where those paths come out on the road where we put the posts."

The jury is still out on whether or not they work, he added.

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