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We have provided links to stories from external news organisations so you can follow the media interest in badgers, and see who writes on the subject. We do not endorse external authors.

Mile dog walking ban for accused

21 September 2006 - BBC News

Five men, who deny charges of terrorising a badger sett with dogs, have been banned from taking their pets more than one mile from their homes.

The five men are also accused of failing to properly treat their injured dogs following the alleged badger attack in Edinburgh.

They were bailed on Thursday from Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

They are accused of digging into an occupied badger sett on 20 August at Dalmahoy Hill Plantation in Balerno.

They are also accused of sending a terrier dog into the sett, disturbing a Eurasian badger, deliberately hunting a wild animal and blocking the entrances to the sett with stones, soil and plants.

Scott Collins, 19, of West Calder in West Lothian, Derek Kelly, 22, of Bathgate in West Lothian, Kevin Andrews, 28, of Hurlford, Adam Lennon, 21, of Kilmarnock and Greig Withers, 21, of Kilmarnock, all deny six charges in total.

Scott Collins faces two additional charges of failing to get veterinary help for his black Patterdale dog and his cross bull-lurcher dog causing them unnecessary suffering.

Adam Lennon and Greig Withers are also charged with causing their black and tan Patterdale terrier unnecessary suffering when Mr Lennon put a transmitter collar on him.

Mr Lennon and Mr Withers further face charges of causing their Patterdale terriers unnecessary suffering and failing to get veterinary attention for them.

The charges follow a joint operation between the Scottish SPCA, Lothian and Borders Police and Strathclyde Police.

A trial date was set for 7 December.

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