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Warwickshire Badger Group

Badger Encounters in the Wild book Badger Encounters in the Wild Jim Crumley [Book]
Superb book of Jim Crumley's encounters with badgers in the wild in Scotland. The quality of the writing is superb. A great  read. Click here to buy:
Encounters in the wild
For Injured Badgers in Warwickshire
  • First Point of Contact:
    • RSPCA - National Phone Number 0300 1234 999
  • If RSPCA are unavailable:
    • Initial Contact:
      Steve Hawkes 01926 832534 sahyll@yahoo.co.uk
      Rescue and rehabilitation of injured/orphaned badgers, accredited vaccinator and recorder of setts and road casualties
    • Backup point of contact:
      Barbara Cuttell - 01926 843122 - barbaracuttell@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor
Media Contacts
Other badger-related issues (any of those mentioned above or...)
Membership Secretary
  • If you are a land owner interested in the possibility of having badgers on your land vaccinated against bTB as part of the FERA vaccination programme please contact Steve Hawkes (Accredited Vaccinator) - Tel 01926 832 534 or preferably email to - sahyll@yahoo.co.uk
Video Footage

To see a few examples of footage of badgers uploaded by Steve Hawkes, please click on these links:

Michael Clark book
This is a superb book about badgers by Michael Clark. His immense knowledge of badgers really shines through. Click here to buy:
2017 edition or 2010 edition