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Lincolnshire Badger Group

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The real original Lincolnshire Badger Group used to be managed as part of the Weirfield Wildlife Hospital. Sadly, the Weirfield closed down at the end of 2016; and the real original Lincolnshire Badger Group fell by the wayside in February 2018.

The good news is that the original Lincolnshire Badger Group has reformed and are fully affiliated members of Badger Trust.    



Badgers injured or killed on the roads or railways

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Other good Facebook groups
  • Lincolnshire against the Badger Cull
Footnote regarding serious Concerns about an unofficial "Lincolnshire Badger Group" on Facebook

There are some Facebook Groups which call themselves "Lincolnshire Badger Group". We have had received Facebook messages from members within them which describe some of the activities they claim to do and express personal opinions which have been offensive in the extreme and are not in accordance with what we would expect a pro-badger organisation to be arguing for.  Based on our experience in trying to engage with them and the limited reports of their activities, the Lincolnshire Badger Group Facebook groups do not appear to meet our definition of what a sensible badger group would involve themselves in. Neither do they appear to be affiliated to any organisation, such as the Badger Trust or the RSPCA. We would encourage any "admin" or "member" of the Facebook Group called "Lincolnshire Badger Group" or "Lincolnshire badger group" to contact us with any information which make this situation clear. Until they can convince us of their bona fides, we would very strongly urge people to contact the Badger Trust or the RSPCA or Lincolnshire against the Badger Cull instead.