Supporting local Badger Groups and Badger Rescue across the whole of the UK
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Cornwall Badger Action Group

  • Direct Action against DEFRA/MAFF slaughter of badgers.
  • Call telephone or pager if traps are found.
  • Cornwall Badger Action Group, PO Box 105, NEWQUAY, Cornwall TR8 5YU

  • Mobile 07887 - 655 459
  • Pager 04325 - 571 107
About Badger Action Groups
So far as it is possible to generalise, a Badger Action Group is an organisation which helps stop DEFRA killing badgers. People in these organisations may go to great lengths to love and care for badgers, and to protect them from the officials from the DEFRA.
Some members of some Direct Action Groups may take very firm action against equipment, people and organisations who are involved in the capture, ill treatment or slaughter of badgers. So far as we are aware, as at June 2003, they are not members of the Badger Trust.
If you wish to join a less "militant" badger group, or one which does provide Badger Trust membership, please contact the Badger Trust.