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There is one new badger group in Cornwall:

There used to be several traditional badger groups in Cornwall, but these are now inactive:

There is also a Facebook page to get the badger cull stopped in Cornwall:

If you live on the very edge of Cornwall, then you may be covered by:

These Badger Action Groups also exist:

RSPB Spotlight on Badgers book
James Lowen explores the lives of badgers and their communal living, feeding habits and threats to their conservation. Click here to buy:
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About Badger Action Groups
A Badger Action Group is often an organisation which helps stop DEFRA operatives and their contracted cullers from killing badgers. People in these organisations may go to great lengths to love and care for badgers, and to protect them from harm.
Some members of some Direct Action Groups may take very firm militant action against equipment, people and organisations who are involved in the capture, ill treatment or slaughter of badgers. So far as we are aware, they are not members of the Badger Trust.