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Distribution of badgers in Copenhagen area



Biological Conservation - Volume 41, Issue 3 , 1987, Pages 159-165


Janne Aaris-Sørensen from Graested, Denmark


Past and present distribution of badgers in the Copenhagen area.

Two surveys of badgers Meles meles in the Copenhagen area, one in 1973–1975 and one in 1983–1985, are presented. The data suggest a 33% decrease in the number of badgers in that 10-year period. Possible reasons for this drop in population size are discussed. Human disturbance seems to play a major role and depletion of habitat only a minor role. The Danish game bag records demonstrate a halving of the number of badgers shot during the last 30 years. Among other things, this probably reflects some decline of the badger population also outside the metropolitan area. It is suggested that the causes for the decline observed within the Copenhagen area might well be contributing to a decline in badgers in the rest of the country.

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