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Finding Badgers?
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Age 3 to 7

This section of our web site includes a variety of ideas for activities and projects for young children. Some of them may involve basic sticking or colouring in, although a few do cover badgers and the environment. These activities will normally involve supervision by an adult or a responsible older child. The activities include:
"(Brocky) was the most animated and noisy sleeper I have ever come across. He snored just liked some asthmatic old man, and the snoring would be interspersed with heaving sighs. He had dreams or nightmares when his legs would start to twitch, and his rate of breathing would increase until he was actually panting as though running."
From Page 65-66 of Brocky the Badger by Sylvia Shepherd

Michael Clark book
This is a superb
book about badgers by
His immense knowledge of badgers really shines through.
We really recommend this book. Click here to buy: 2017 edition
2010 edition

Perfect Badger Photos
The very best photos you have ever seen of badgers are in this remarkable book by John Darbyshire and Laurie Campbell. Perfect photos and great writing. Click here to buy:
Badgers by Darbyshire & Campbell