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Badger removal programme on tb in Irish cattle


Preventive Veterinary Medicine - Volume 34, Issue 1 , 6 February 1998, Pages 47-56


D. Ó Máirtín, D. H. Williams, J. M. Griffin, L. A. Dolan and J. A. Eves from the Central Statistics Office, Dublin; the District Veterinary Office, Kildare, Ireland and University College Dublin.


The risk of a confirmed tuberculous herd restriction was examined using a logistic model for herds involved in the East Offaly Badger Research Project, Ireland, from 1988–1995. Cattle herds present in the badger-removal area had a significantly lower proportion of new confirmed tuberculous herd restrictions compared with cattle from an area where no systematic badger removal was attempted.


Cattle-microbiological diseases; Mycobacterium bovis; Tuberculosis; Badgers; Logistic regression

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