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Teaching Materials Kit

This has been designed for use by badger groups and other people who work in  teaching and learning environments.
It will take students through a detailed understanding of the badger.
It will give detailed evidence of how to discover its presence
It will also go through how to conduct professional bait marking surveys for badgers.
It also covers the fun staff such as watching and photographing badgers too.
If you bought all the items individually, this would come to more than 35, but you can buy the whole kit for just 14.99!
Teaching Materials Kits (with USB stick)

Product Details

The Teaching Materials Kit is a mixture of computer files (*) and physical paper/card/plastic items. You need to open these files on a computer. We supply them on a USB flash memory stick (also known as a pen drive). The pen drive has lots of free space so you can add your own materials to the drive. You can run all the presentations, videos and documents directly from the USB stick; so you can do talks where access to web-sites may be very slow. The full kit includes these items:

  • Badgers PowerPoint/Acrobat PDF Presentation *
  • Watching Badgers PowerPoint/Acrobat PDF Presentation *
  • Finding Evidence of Badgers PowerPoint/Acrobat PDF Presentation *
  • Finding Evidence of Badgers Booklet - 1 soft-cover paper copy
  • Animal Footprint Card - 1 double-sided plastic-laminated copy
  • Set of Badger postcards
  • A3-size Badger Poster
  • Badgers and Bait Marking PowerPoint/Acrobat PDF Presentation *
  • Pocket Measuring Guide - useful to measure the size of footprints when you are out in the field
  • Sample packs of coloured bait-marking pellets (two different colours)
  • Finding a Badger Sett and other videos *
  • More than a dozen badger sounds *
  • More than 20 extra documents which explain all about the badger and how it lives around us *
  • These presentations are supplied in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 and 2010 formats. It is possible to read these files in other versions of Microsoft PowerPoint; as well as "free" or open-source software, such as Open Office impress.
    These presentations are also supplied in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can read these using the free Acrobat Reader application on your computer or by using the free Acrobat PDF app on your Android phone.
  • The memory stick includes an interactive menu, so you can pick and choose which of the presentations, videos, sounds or documents you choose to use.
  • The USB memory stick will have a capacity of 16Bytes or larger (and will be a recognised reliable brand such as Toshiba, SanDisk or Kingston). The USB stick will run on PC which runs Windows 8 or later and has a standard USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 socket. The total size of files supplied on the memory stick is more than 1 GByte, but there is still lots of room left for you to add your own documents, photos or videos.