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Finding Badgers?
See our Finding Evidence of Badgers booklet

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If you would like to be listed on any of our links pages, please email, fax, phone or write to us. We will be delighted to list any and all of the following without charge to you:

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Badgerland stand 100% against the killing of animals for any reason other than necessity or food.

Accordingly, we will not provide any form of advertising, support or links to any one who is in favour of killing badgers for spurious "scientific" reasons. We will not support anyone from the pro-hunting fraternity.

We would be unlikely to link to web sites, unless they are concerned with badgers, other animals, the environment or are educational/informative or are proper recognised charities.

Michael Clark
book by
His affection
for badgers
really shines
We really recommend this book. Click here to buy Badgers by Michael Clark
Perfect Badger Photos
The very best photos you have ever seen of badgers are in this remarkable book by John Darbyshire and Laurie Campbell. Click here to buy Badgers by Darbyshire & Campbell