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Dynamics of a local badger population in the Netherlands over the years 1983–2001



Mammalian Biology - Zeitschrift fur Saugetierkunde


R.C. van Apeldoorn, J. Vink and T. Matyáštík


Long-term data on badger population dynamics are scarce. For 19 years data on badger and sett numbers were collected by direct observation of a local population in the province of Utrecht, the Netherlands. Analysis of these data show two different patterns of population growth. The first shows a slow growth in numbers and setts and the second an exponential growth. Spatial dynamics were also analysed in combination with habitat use. The first increase showed colonisation of the entire study area by social groups. Subsequently, new groups settled at the border of the area and inbetween established group territories. Population dynamics are discussed given the many badger-friendly measures that were taken.


Meles meles; population growth; spatial expansion

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