Pictures and Photographs of Badgers in the UK
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Online Videos

Here are links to a few badger-related videos. Although you can watch these videos through our web-site, they are actually hosted on the YouTube web-site. As they are videos, they are very large files; and are suitable for watching if you are on a high-speed or broadband connection. If you are on standard "dial-up", these videos will be very very slow to load.

Night-time Videos:

Day-time Videos

The video footage is hosted on YouTube, so is outside our control. These videos were all available at the time we created this page, but they are not guaranteed to be available in perpetuity.

If you want to have a "laugh" at the opinion of some-one (Hugh Thomas of Exmoor) who wants to kill badgers because they eat wasps (yes ... we are serious), have a look at the following video:

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