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Other Legal Protection

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Various other acts can be used to help protect badgers (and dogs), and to punish people who break animal-protection laws.

These include:

Criminal Justice Act 1988 - (Section 69)

  • Forfeiture of property (includes dogs) which was in possession or under control of the person at the time he was apprehended or the summons issued. Used to commit offence or intended to be so.

Protection of Animals Act 1911

  • Cruelty to dogs
  • Fighting or baiting of animals
  • Abandonment likely to cause unnecessary suffering

Abandonment of Animals Act 1960

  • Conveying an animal in a manner likely to cause suffering

Protection of Animals Act 1911

  • Fine level 5 or 6 months imprisonment
  • Confiscation of dogs or their destruction
  • Ban on keeping animals
About Wildlife Consultants
Laws protect badgers from being harmed and their homes damaged. Whilst permits can be issued to allow such badgers to be moved, you need to have professional research done to see where the badgers are and what they need. In commercial property development, finance and logistics can be very important. Also, if an insurance company is paying for re-building work, they may want to be certain that the commercial risks are understood too. Wildlife Consultants are usually highly experienced at dealing with such legal and commercial issues and should be able to help mitigate the risks. Wildlife consultants help deal with protected species, making sure that developers understand the law AND the needs of any animals. Local Badger Groups may also conduct badger surveys, and we run our own email-based Ask An Expert service.

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