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Colouring Book

Badger Encounters in the Wild book Badger Encounters in the Wild Jim Crumley [Book]
Superb book of Jim Crumley's encounters with badgers in the wild in Scotland. The quality of the writing is superb. A great  read. Click here to buy:
Encounters in the wild

We have produced a booklet of "Colour Me In" pictures - i.e. large A4 drawings of animals and people, so young children can colour in between the lines. You need to download the file, save it on your own PC, then print whatever pictures you want.

The booklet is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. To read this you will need the free Acrobat reader software (on www.adobe.com or on almost any Cover CD with a good computer magazine).

The book includes the following pictures: badger, boy on slide, butterfly, cockerel, cottage, dragon, castle with dragon, girl with pram, humpty dumpty, jack in a box, jester, little bo beep, an owl, the owl and the pussy cat, parrots, peacock, troll, unicorn and a viking ship.

Downloading the PDF file: