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Renardine - badger deterrent - now banned

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Legal Notice regarding the banning of Renardine:
Renardine was the only legally permitted chemical deterrent which was effective against badgers. As from the 24th March 2005, Renardine has been banned. Importantly, ALL the approvals for Renardine have now expired. This means that:

* Renardine can no longer be advertised for sale.

* Renardine can not be bought from any shop, wholesaler, mail order, agricultural supplies merchants, internet or by private sale.

* Renardine may no longer be supplied, sold, given away or swapped.

* Renardine may no longer by used.

* Renardine may no longer be stored (so any stocks you have must be disposed of).

RenCoco ( Renardine-impregnated cocoa shells) has also been banned.

For more information see the PSD's web site at http://www.pesticides.gov.uk/approvals.asp?id=1567

History of Renardine

Now illegal, Renardine was the only legally-permitted badger-repellent chemical in the UK. In continuous use since 1896, it kept most pests and pets away. Renardine was often used to banish CATS, DOGS, RABBITS, FOXES, MOLES and BADGERS from Gardens, Golf Greens, Farms, Small Holdings, Parks and Playing Fields.


The use of any chemical as a badger repellent is now illegal. It is no longer legal to use any chemical repellent to protect an important area such as a vegetable garden or flower borders or a putting green, bowling green or cricket pitch. It is still illegal; even if such use does not cause harm to the badgers or their setts.

Causing harm to badgers or their setts can result in criminal proceedings. Please contact your local Badger Group for advice. 

For further information

For more information refer to the publications which are available for download here:

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