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Badger Warning Signs

If Badger Tunnels, Wildlife Bridges or Fencing is not possible, another option is warning signs for badger crossings at accident black spots. Hitting a 25lb badger in a car or on a motorbike can cause serious damage to the car or bike and risk other serious road accidents. Often these signs can be paid for by charities - so the local authorities can put them up even if they have no money left in their budget!

For more details of how to get such warning signs, please contact:

  • Care for the Wild
  • The Granary
  • Tickfold Farm
  • Kingsfold
  • West Sussex
  • RH12 3SE
  • Phone: 01306 - 627 900
  • www.careforthewild.org

It is vital that the warning signs meet the requirements of the Road Traffic Acts, as there are very strict limits about what can (and what can not) be placed on the side of the road. You are not allowed, as a private citizen, to erect a sign on or over the roadside or any path or verge; and you must follow the proper channels if you want a sign to be placed in position and maintained.

One problem with signs which specifically identify badgers, is that this can confirm their presence and location; which makes it that bit easier for badger baiters to capture them. Accordingly, in many badger locations, signage may refer only to the presence of wild animals, instead of specific species.