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Food for Free by Richard Mabey

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Paperback - 192 pages
Publisher: Collins

A delightful book with loads of new recipes to try!

If you love the countryside you will love this book!

An outstanding book of lavish photos and text!

I'm amazed how much we have forgotten about what is available on our doorstep!

First published in 1972, it has been reprinted 11 times - this is a guide to 300 foods that can be gathered in the wild in Britain. Food for Free explores the history and folklore of the foods as well as explaining how we identify them and the best ways to cook and eat them. Organized by season, Food for Free takes us through the year. Richard Mabey's fully-revised text is accompanied by stunning photographs, new recipes and a wealth of practical information on collecting, cooking and preparing. Beautifully illustrated, written and produced in a new, larger format this book is designed to inspire us to take more notice of what is around us, how we can make use of it and how we can conserve it for future generations.

Excellent source of reference - After reading this book I went out for a walk and picked some blackberries, elderberries & sloes, which were growing only 10 minutes from my house! This book opened my eyes to stuff that I usually overlook in the hedgerows and provided me with some useful information about the type of plants, fruits and fungi that are edible with superb recipe ideas too. It encouraged me to venture out and walk in local woodland, along river banks and fields etc. I even found some of the highly recommended Parasol mushrooms! Wonderful book and really, really useful. Worth every penny.

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