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River Cottage Year by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

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Another master piece

Easy going style, easy to follow recipes, practical advice and fantastic photography

Fabulous book, you cant go wrong

For a growing army of admirers, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (HFW) can do no wrong. This book is sure to follow the commercial and critical success of his previous book, The River Cottage Cookbook, which sold by the bucket-load and won every major cookery book award.

The format of this new book is intriguing: this time we are given his insights and observations on life and food as the seasons and months go past, interweaving cookery with the natural cycles of the year. The new volume is crammed with 100 original seasonal recipes, all beautifully detailed. We may look at the results of these mouth-watering delights and lament how we're not quite in the same cookery league. But HFW always makes us feel that these delights are within our grasp, provided we follow the helpful advice given.

The food is a mixture of the ambitious and the achievable, and looking through The River Cottage Year is a blissful experience, whether your intention is simply to dream about dishes or to actually make them.

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