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Woodland Habitats by Helen J. Read and Mark Frater

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Trees and woodlands are an integral part of Britain's heritage and culture, as well as an invaluable environmental and ecological resource. In an increasingly urbanized British population, romantic notions of bluebell-carpeted woods and deep-coloured wooded hillsides during autumn do not come easily. Instead, images of forgotten corners of land with a few sycamore trees and lots of brambles, or an area of dark, intimidating conifers are more common. The wide variety of types of woodland, whether closely managed or naturally-occurring, provide important habitats for a huge range of flora and fauna.

This text explores the history and ecology of British woodlands, and explains why they are such a valuable resource. It offers a practical guide to issues of ecology of woodland habitats and organisms; conservation and management; coppicing, pasture woodland and commercial forestry; woodland grazing, ride management and recreation in woodlands. Featuring illustrated species boxes as well as a full species list, notable sites with location maps and pictures, suggested projects and a full glossary, students and environmentalists should gain an understanding of the historical and present-day importance of British woodlands, as both an ecological and a cultural resource.

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