Fact-based scientifically-accurate educational information about Badgers
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Finding Badgers?
See our Finding Evidence of Badgers booklet


With any luck, you should be able to find everything you need to know about badgers here on this web-site. If you can't use our Ask An Expert option.

Here are some ideas and things to do to help people become more aware of badgers.

  • Make a badger poster (with paintings of badgers, grass, trees, setts, fields, etc).
  • Draw a poster with a series of animals showing how big each animal is compared to a badger - think about mice, voles, rats, hedgehogs, rabbits, hares, cats, dogs, foxes, badgers, sheep, goats, cows, horses and people.
  • Contact your local badger group to see if you can do a "joint" badger awareness project to help raise money for them.
  • How about making a badger face mask (either use our example or make your own mask out of papier-mâché and paint.
  • If you do any brilliant badger awareness projects, remember to tell your local newspaper (you'll stand a good chance of getting your pictures in the paper).
    If you do appear in print, let us know, and we'll put you in the www.badgerland.co.uk web site too!

Good luck!

Michael Clark
book by
His affection
for badgers
really shines
We really recommend this book. Click here to buy Badgers by Michael Clark

Perfect Badger Photos
The very best photos you have ever seen of badgers are in this remarkable book by John Darbyshire and Laurie Campbell. Click here to buy Badgers by Darbyshire & Campbell