Pictures and Photographs of Badgers in the UK
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Book Covers - Fictional Books

We have written a short review of each badger-related fiction book and added other information to help you find the book in bookshops or on the internet. We have also included a picture of the dust-jacket (if available), so you can see what the book looks like. Note that this page includes fiction which is suitable for an adult reader. Children's fiction is in the Children's section.

Fictional In Print? Rating
The Battle for Badger's Wood by Frederick Covins OOP 5-Stars
Bodach the Badger by David Stephen In Print
The Cold Moons by Aeron Clement In Print 5-Stars
Hill of Light by G D Adams OOP
The Honeywell Badger by Joyce Stranger OOP
Night World by Brian Carter OOP
Old Silver Grizzle the Badger and other stories by Ernest Thompson Seton OOP 5-Stars
The Badgers of Summercombe by Ewan Clarkson In Print 5-Stars
The Whispering Wood by T A Tompson In Print
The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame In Print 5-Stars
The Willows in Winter by William Horwood In Print 5-Stars
In The Grip of Winter by Colin Dann In Print

OOP = Out-of-Print