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Victoria Plum helps the Badgers by Angela Rippon

Content-Type Children's Fictional Story
Description This is the story of a sort of magical fairy-like creature called Victoria Plum who helps a family of badgers get ready for their winter hibernation (except that badgers do not hibernate!). I guess if you like the Victoria Plum series of books you will like this one. For us, it seems to have been written by an adult with very very old-fashioned views about families and badgers. As for it being a children's book, it certainly looks like one, but the complexity of the words used in the story doesn't really make it great for young children. It's sort of one step on from a baby book, with teenage words in it.
Summary If you like Victoria Plum it's great for you, but not one of our favourites.
Written by Angela Rippon
Illustrated by Purnell Publishers Ltd
Photographs by None
Written in 1981
Last Revised in 1983
Size 145mm by 105mm (height by width)
Pages 40
ISBN 0 361 05721 0
Publisher Purnell Books
Copyright Owner Purnell Publishers Ltd and W N Sharpe Ltd
In Print? Out of Print
Review Date 30 May 2008
Front and Cover
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