Pictures and Photographs of Badgers in the UK
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Badger Tunnels

A badger tunnel under a motorway in the Netherlands

Note that the badgers are kept off the motorway by the use of so-called badger-proof fencing.

In reality, fencing like this provides a good deterrent to stop badgers getting on to the road, but it is not badger proof as badgers can climb the fence.

To help badgers who get on to the road, get back to safety, there will also be several one-way gates which allow the badgers to get from the motorway to the fields, but not vice versa.

Note too the use of soakaways to help prevent the tunnel from becoming water-logged.The risk of flooding is two-fold: firstly from heavy rain filling the tunnel or its entrances or secondly foul-water run off from the road surface.

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