Pictures and Photographs of Badgers in the UK
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We have written a short review of each Badger-related Book and added other information to help you find the book in bookshops or on the internet. We have also included a picture of the dust-jacket (if available), so you can see what the book looks like.

Pamphlets In Print? Rating
Badgers by Ernest Neal for the Sunday Times OOP 5-Stars
Birches, Badgers & Buttercups by David Tyldesley for Nottinghamshire NatHistSoc OOP
Dartmoor Badgers by H G Hurrell for the Devon Trust for Nature Conservation OOP
Northumberland Natural History Society on Badgers OOP
Wildlife of Nottinghamshire - Badgers by Gillian Elias OOP
Wild Mammals and the Land by MAFF OOP
The Wildlife Watchers Guide to Woodlands OOP
Badgers in Woodlands (Forestry Commission) by Ernest Neal OOP 5-Stars
Badgers and Bovine Tuberculosis by MAFF (Professor GM Dunnet, Mr DM Jones and Professor JP McInerney) OOP
Nature in Cambridgeshire No 24 1981 by Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely Naturalists' Trust Ltd OOP

OOP = Out-of-Print