Pictures and Photographs of Badgers in the UK
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Finding Badgers?
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Children's Books about Badgers

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We have written a short review of each children's book about badgers and added other information to help you find the book in bookshops or on the internet. We have also included a picture of the dust-jacket (if available), so you can see what the book looks like.

Children's books about Badgers In Print? Rating
Adventures of Badger's Set by Emil Pacholek OOP
Andy Pandy and the Badger by Maria Bird OOP
Badger in Danger story in the Animals of Farthing Wood In Print
Badger Boy by Anthony Masters In Print
The Badgers of Badger Hill by David Ross OOP
Badgers by the Bridge by Lucy Daniels In Print
Badger on the Barge by Janni Howker In Print
Badger in the Basement by Lucy Daniels In Print 5-Stars
Beryl the Badger - The Tales of Wishing Well Wood OOP
Brock and Bruin by Janet Nicolls OOP
Brock the Badger (tales of the wild folk) by Cecily M Rutley OOP
Brock's Hole by Anne Hughson In Print 5-Stars
Badger Island by Jonathan Guy In Print
Jack and Jill and the Friendly Badger OOP
Operation Badger by Elizabeth Dale In Print
Owl Light by Maggie Pearson OOP
Badger's Race by Alison Catley In Print
Royal Secret of Brockwood by Anthony Corfield and Patricia Hubbard In Print
The Badger with a Broken Leg by Tessa Potter In Print 5-Stars
This Way Little Badger by Phil McMylor In Print
Victoria Plum helps the Badgers by Angela Rippon OOP
Badger - A Year in the Life by John Stidworthy and Priscilla Barrett In Print 5-Stars
Badger's Easter Surprise by Alan and Linda Parry
Badger (Wild Britain) by Louise and Richard Spilsbury
Benjamin Badger's Night Shift by Muriel Miller and Barbara Pickett
A Day in the Life of Badger by Kate Veale
Foggy's Crown by Meg Rutherford

OOP = Out-of-Print