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Finding Badgers?
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This is a list of Badger-related Books in chronological order. They start with the most recent book listed first. We have written a short review of each book and added other information to help you find the book in bookshops or on the internet. We have also included a picture of the dust-jacket (if available), so you can see what the book looks like.

Finding Badgers?
Buy our Finding Evidence of Badgers booklet

Book Covers - Chronological Order

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Year Book Title Category
2008 Finding Evidence of Badgers (by Simon Flory / www.badgerland.co.uk) Factual
Wildlife Rescue by Angela Wilkes Wildlife
2007 Badgers by Michael Clark Factual
2006 Wildlife of Rossendale Wildlife
2003 Secret World of Wildlife Rescue by Pauline Kidner Experience
2002 Badgers and Development Factual
2000 Badger TV Series by Christopher Kenworthy Experience
1999 Glade's Journey - stories from an animal hospital by Pauline Kidner Experience
Badger Boy by Anthony Masters Children's
Badgers by the Bridge by Lucy Daniels Children's
1998 Badgers by Darbyshire and Campbell Factual
1997 Badgers by Cooper and Ralston for SNH Factual
Operation Badger by Elizabeth Dale Children's
This Way Little Badger by Phil McMylor Children's
The Countryman Magazine - Ruth Murray - Autumn 1997 by Jay Richards Magazines
1996 Badgers by Ernest Neal and Chris Cheeseman Factual
Care for the Badger for Care for the Wild Factual
1995 The Badger by Michael Woods Pamphlets
My Secret World by Pauline Kidner Experience
1994 The Badger Man by Ernest Neal Experience
Badger in the Basement by Lucy Daniels Children's
Briefly on Badgers by Gwent Badger Group Factual
Badgers on the Highland Edge by JCrumley Experience
Badger's Race by Alison Catley Children's
Brock's Hole by Anne Hughson Children's
Badger in Danger story in the Animals of Farthing Wood by Colin Dann and Mary Risk Children's
Beryl the Badger - The Tales of Wishing Well Wood Children's
1993 The Willows in Winter by William Horwood Fictional
Badger Island by Jonathan Guy Children's
Life with Bluebell by Pauline Kidner Experience
The Badger by Thomas Hayden Factual
1992 Eileen Soper's Book of Badgers Experience
Green-Eyed Flo by Chris Ferris Experience
The Badger with a Broken Leg by Tessa Potter Children's
1991 The Badger Book by Anna Jones for The Mammal Society Factual
The Whispering Wood by T A Tompson Fictional
1990 RSPCA Problems with Badgers Factual
Badgers by Gillian Elias Pamphlets
Badgers in our Village by Fred Brown Experience
1989 Social Badger by Hans Kruuk Factual
Something in a Cardboard Box by Les Stocker Wildlife
1988 Care for the Wild by WJ Jordan and John Hughes Wildlife
Discovering Badgers by Martin Banks Factual
Out of the Darkness by Chris Ferris Experience
Royal Secret of Brockwood by Anthony Corfield and Patricia Hubbard Children's
Owl Light by Maggie Pearson Children's
1987 Badger - A Year in the Life by John Stidworthy and Priscilla Barrett Children's
Cold Moons by Aeron Clement Fictional
Wildlife Watchers Guide to Woodlands Pamphlets
Night World by Brian Carter Fictional
1986 The Fate of the Badger by Richard Meyer Factual
Birches, Badgers and Buttercups by David Tyldesley for Nottingham Nat Hist Soc Pamphlets
The Countryman Magazine - Autumn 1986 by Bruce Campbell Magazines
Darkness is Light Enough by Chris Ferris Experience
1985 Discovering Animals by Tony Soper Wildlife
Out of the Wild by Mike Tomkies Experience
The Year of the Badger by Molly Burkett Experience
The Nocturnal Naturalist by Kelvin Boot Wildlife
1984 (Nature in Close-up) Badgers by Ernest Neal Factual
Badger on the Barge by Janni Howker Children's
In the Shadow of Extinction by RDS Jenkinson and DD Gilbertson Wildlife
1983 Bodach the Badger by David Stephen Fictional
The Battle for Badger's Wood Fictional
Through the Badger Gate by Jane Ratcliffe Experience
1982 The Countryman Magazine - Winter 1982/1983 by Graham Madge Magazines
1981 In The Grip of Winter by Colin Dann Fictional
Victoria Plum helps the Badgers by Angela Rippon Children's
1980 Adventures of Badger's Set by Emil Pacholek Children's
1979 No Badgers in my Wood by Phil Drabble Experience
1977 Blandford Mammal Series - Badgers by Ernest Neal Factual
Badgers of Summercombe by EClarkson Fictional
1976 Badger Valley by Monica Edwards Experience
1975 A Lifetime of Badgers by Peter Hardy Factual
The Badger by Ernest Dudley Factual
1974 Badgers of Yorkshire and Humberside by RJ Paget and ALV Middleton Factual
Badgers by Alan Bartram Factual
Phil Drabble's Country Scene by Phil Drabble Experience
Bully and the Badger by Wickham Malins Experience
The Badgers of Badger Hill by David Ross Children's
1973 Countryman Animal Book by B & M Campbell Magazines
1972 Badgers in Woodlands by Ernest Neal Pamphlets
1971 Dartmoor Badgers by H G Hurrell for the Devon Trust for Nature Conservation Pamphlets
The Honeywell Badger by Joyce Stranger Fictional
1974 Highland Animals by David Stephen Wildlife
1970 Wildlife in Cornwall by Rennie Bere Wildlife
The White Badger by Gordon Burness Experience
1965 Andy Pandy and the Badger by Maria Bird Children's
1964 Brocky by Sylvia Shepherd Experience
1963 While Some Trees Stand (wild life in our vanishing countryside) by Garth Christian Experience
1962 Badgers by Ernest Neal for the Sunday Times Pamphlets
    A Keeper's Tale by Fred J Speakman Wildlife
1961 Jack and Jill and the Friendly Badger Children's
1960 Brock and Bruin by Janet Nicolls Children's
1959 Animals of Britain by Edward Osmond Wildlife
1957 A Weasel in My Meatsafe by Phil Drabble Experience
1955 Brock the Badger (tales of the wild folk) by Cecily M Rutley Children's
Northumberland Natural History Society on Badgers by GA Cowen Pamphlets
1954 Badgers' Year by F Howard Lancum Factual
Hill of Light by G D Adams Fictional
1951 Wild Mammals and the Land by MAFF Pamphlets
1948 The Badger by Ernest Neal Factual
1928 Old Silver Grizzle the Badger and other stories by Ernest Thompson Seton Fictional
1921 Animal Life of the British Isles by Edward Step Wildlife
1908 Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame Fictional