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The Badgers of Badger Hill by David Ross

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Content-Type Children's Fictional Story
Description A story of a clan of badgers who live in the countryside around Canterbury. Typically, i the night the five badgers celebrated. They feasted. Beetles and worms, grubs and grass seeds. Bluebell bulbs and blackberries. They danced. They clambered and galloped round a fallen tree, shouting and singing, until exhausted they lay about helpless with badger laughter.
Summary Nice story book - worth having on your shelf if you are a badger fiction enthusiast.
Written by David Ross
Illustrated by Jaroslav Bradac
Photographs by None
Written in 1974
Last Revised in 1977
Size 180mm by 110mm (height by width)
Pages 144
ISBN 0 426 11754 9
Publisher Target Books (part of W H Allen & Co Ltd)
Copyright Owner David Ross
In Print? Out of Print
Review Date 31 May 2008
Front and Cover
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