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This Way Little Badger by Phil McMylor

Content-Type Fictional Story
Description As the sun goes down and night draws in, Little Badger goes into the wood for the very first time. Like all small children facing a new experience, Little Badger learns how to cope with his surroundings and to conquer his fears, especially under the loving guidance of his big sister, Bella.
Summary As one of the well regarded Picture Ladybird series of books, this is a very good story to read to smaller children before bedtime.
Written by Phil McMylor
Illustrated by Cliff Wright
Photographs by None
Written in 1997
Last Revised in 1997
Size 180mm by 121mm (height by width)
Pages 30
ISBN 0 7214 1915 1
Publisher Ladybird Books Ltd
Copyright Owner Phil McMylor (text) and Cliff Wright (illustrations)
In Print? Still in Print
Review Date 18 October 2005
Front and Cover
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