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Badger - A Year in the Life by John Stidworthy and Priscilla Barrett

Content-Type Children's Fictional Story
Description Mela, a European badger, lives in a wood together with her mother and brother. During a year in the wood, frost and snow give way to hot weather, plants grow and then die, and a whole variety of animals come and go. Mela leaves her family, sets up a new home, meets a mate and has young of her own. This true-to-life story describes and illustrates Mela's behaviour through a complete cycle of the seasons.
Summary Great little story which goes a long way to explaining about the badger and its lifestyle and behaviour.
Written by John Stidworthy (illustrates by Priscilla Barrett)
Written in 1987
Last Revised in None
Size 192mm by 214mm (height by width)
Pages 32
ISBN 0-356-11581-X
Publisher Macdonald & Co (Publishers) Ltd
Copyright Owner Text = Lionheart Books. Illustrations = Priscilla Barrett
In Print? Still in Print
Review Date 16 May 2006
Front and Cover
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